Know the History Behind the Joker Card

Card games often carry with them the undeniable history just like any other aspect in human culture. Since these games have intermingled, and spread across different cultures all across the world, it is given that certain aspects are generally considered to be foundational. Nowadays, people are opting for a digital facilitation of card games, instead

10 Best Books Based on Card Games

All of us would love to do some exciting things to keep ourselves entertained. Card games are one such indulgence. From time immemorial we have been playing card games and utterly loved its fun and entertaining features. There are different types of card games as varied as the people who play them. For example, playing

4 Fun Pastimes for Busy People

Everyone is busy in today’s world, so it’s hard to find someone to share your feelings with. As such, the idle moments of the day tend to become boring. That is why the virtual world has become our best buddy, as we can always find an exciting pastime online. Here are a few: Netflix: Sometimes

India’s Position in Mobile Gaming Market

The developments in the gaming industry in the recent past have put India on the world gaming market. With a fast-growing smartphone user base, the accessibility of better and cheaper internet services, and the improved digital payment options have made mobiles as the thriving platform for game development. It is estimated that global gaming revenue

Indian Rummy: A Quick Tour of Its Origin and Rules

Card games have been one of the most popular indoor games since ancient times. Today they are synonymous with indoor entertainment. In India, card games are an all-time favourite form of entertainment at family gatherings and social occasions.  Indian Rummy games have acquired immense popularity as people find Indian Rummy interesting and intriguing. The increased

Mobile Rummy App: Play Rummy Anytime, Anywhere

The invention of the smartphone has reshaped our world. Almost everything is now easily available online – we just have to click buttons on our smartphones. This easily available gadget, with an Internet connection, is one of the most important factors of the boom in the online gaming industry. Gaming applications have been launched by